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Christian Mystery School

Welcome to the Christian Mystery School, a place for Born-Again Christians seeking a profound spiritual journey. Our program is dedicated to exploring the depths of God's deeper mysteries, providing a stage-by-stage ordination process to deepen your faith and connection with the Lord.

Join us as we embark on a transformative exploration of the Christian faith, uncovering profound spiritual insights and experiencing personal transformation. Take this opportunity to apply and secure your place in this meaningful and life-changing adventure.

May your journey be guided by the grace and love of the Lord as you pursue spiritual growth and revelation.


2023 intake started their journey in January. If you wish you can hop on and follow the recordings. 

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Step Into Your Fullest Potential

Christian Mystery School (also known as CMS) is an exciting opportunity to step into your fullest potential, leaving behind the constraints of religion and realizing that your unique expression as a co-creator (in the image of El Shaddai) is foundational. According to Romans 8, it is our mandate as Christians to complete an incomplete world. Kirby de Lanerolle’s heart is to equip the body of Christ through the  “Christ-Centered” mystical operation created in the two years of lockdowns

what is cms
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What Is Christian Mystery School (CMS)?

Christian Mystery School consists of 4 fundamental components that Kirby de Lanerolle deems important to be adept in the mystical. It is offered to ANYONE who would like to go deeper. The course has been designed with a mindset to condense years of experience and subtract unnecessary susceptible diversions. It now has been made available for any Christian Mystic who desires to complete a stage by stage ordination; Firstly, by developing the Christ Mind void of polarities. Ready to create; the next step will be the Secret Place: Building the internal Castle and its realms to the offering and infilling of our spirit and the seven flames of the Holy Ghost and finally incarnating nature with the heavenly.


Kirby said, time after time, the “mechanics” of the Glory can be a weight on the edifice if the Doctrines of Grace are not realized. He emphasizes intimacy over mechanics at all times. Although clear and unusual demonstrations are evident in his ministry, his key focus is on a grace culture. The mystical is simply a supplementation to enhance one’s journey if desired. Therefore, the students receive access to each component and an opportunity to learn at their own pace. The platform is recommended to those who desire to dive deep into the mystical realm and seek a deeper and more intimate union with the Lord.

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Who Can Join CMS?


Applicants will be expected to have demonstrated an understanding of the foundations and core values of the WOWLife Culture, as stipulated below.


  • Atmosphere: During every meeting/lesson, you want to be sure joy levels are high.

  • Honor: Treat everyone as valuable and regard them for who they are, and what they say as important and worthy of being heard.

  • Grace: Remember everyone is a work in progress and is at different rates and stages of transformation. Allow the Spirit to do the transformational work in everyone.

  • Conscience: Remember there is no “right or wrong”. Be aware of moments and be aware of times when you can ask conscience opening questions. Also, in situations where there is disagreement remember it’s not about convincing or persuading but leaving them to their conscience.

  • Prayer: Hold your group in your heart and speak life over them often and anything else as led.

  • Communication: Allow for a flow of communication between fellow students. As you do this revelation can increase and the bond between fellow students will strengthen. Also, continue to communicate with your fellow students outside the meetings to build and strengthen the community.

  • Uplift: Always look for ways you can encourage your fellow students in their gifts and talents and create platforms for them to display and grow in these areas.

  • Mentor: Raise your fellow students up and empower them to share the word of life with others through their own unique expression.

  • Share: Always encourage your fellow students to share how the word is affecting their lives. Encourage them to share their ups, their downs both great and small.

  • Transparency: Create in your group a “no fig leaf zone” where all students will feel comfortable to be who they are in a safe, no condemning environment. Transparency is a “superpower” that will create an amazing cohesiveness in your group and transformation power will flow freely.

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What Support Is Available During The Course?

If you are experiencing emotional challenges during the course, we are here to support you through the program and help you get the most from it. Dr. Lihini Gunawardana who is a qualified Medical Doctor, and a consultant Psychiatrist in the United Kingdom as well as Rose Kaufman from the US is available for Meditation Support Appointments of 30 minute slots. The appointment booking form is available within the course. 


The Syllabus

Christian Mystery School (CMS) consists of TWO Years with each year having 3 modules. Year one starts with students taking a Sacred Oath.

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Year 1 - Module 1
Tohu Wa-Bohu Meditation

Module 1 has been specially designed for your convenience. With just a single one hour class a week you will be more than adequately equipped to engage in a healthy, life altering meditation practice. The Tohu wa Bohu is a practical way to learn, practice and create a habit of meditation and stillness that will overflow into your day to day life. This module has 14 lessons:

  1. The launch with Kirby & Fiona (#Y1M1L1)

  2. Exploring Boundaries and I AM Meditation (#Y1M1L2)

  3. Ruach the Breath - Introducing Reverse Breathing (#Y1M1L3)

  4. Watching Your Heart (#Y1M1L4)

  5. Non-Reaction and Feathering Borders

  6. Probing and Becoming

  7. Live Q&A with Kirby

  8. Patterning Expanse

  9. Patterns and Perspective

  10. Light in the Dazzling Darkness

  11. Phosphene and Vision Streaming

  12. Live Q&A with Kirby

  13. Photon Light and Creative Light

  14. Final Words from Kirby (Live)


Year 1 - Module 2
Inner Temple

Duration 3 months. You can do this module at your own pace on your own time.   Estimated time to listen to the recordings – 45 – 70 minutes, once a week. 30 Minutes worth of meditation each day. 30 Minutes worth of homework/journaling.

After one has energized the light, these protocols teach people to make the Secret Place; traversing “yesod” and building a perfect altar. This module has 8 lessons;

  1. The Cornerstone

  2. Live Q&A with Kirby

  3. Inner Temple Blueprints

  4. Protector & Destroyer

  5. Inner Temple Work

  6. Seven Spirits of God

  7. Live Q&A Kirby

  8. The East Gate


Year 1 - Module 3
Activation & Mission

Duration 3 months. This is a practical module where Kirby will guide and assign activation exercises and give out missions to complete.


Year 2 - Module 4
Seven Spirits

Making the Spirit-Body connection between the 7 Spirits of God (Revelations 4:5) using the technique of reverse breathing.

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Year 2 - Module 5
Divine Ladder of Ascent

An amalgamation of activations that will bring the 7 spirits of God in congruence with the seven steps of the ladder of Divine ascent.


Year 2 - Module 6
Activation & Mission

This is a practical module where Kirby will guide and assign activation exercises and give out missions to complete.

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Testimonies From 2022 Students

Over 1000 students from around the world registered in the first year of CMS, completing Modules 1,2 and 3. Here are some of them giving their testimony about CMS.

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Enrolment is now closed

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